Sandra Suubi

Interview with Sandra Suubi about DIY Instruments

Sandra Suubi

Social & Green Design Guide with: Sandra Suubi – DIY Instruments for Age of Wonderland – DDW 2014

Video by Robert Andriessen
Text by Jeanne Tan
Produced in partnership with DOEN Foundation

Art, music and trash not only play a central role in Sandra Suubi’s DIY Instruments workshop at Dutch Design Week, they’re also three things that are close to the Ugandan artist’s heart. With dreams of being an eco-artist, Sandra was known on campus as the girl who collected trash for her art that aims to create beauty from waste. “I started working with waste in my final year of college with a quest to bridge the gap between visual arts and performing arts using cheap and affordable means,” explains Sandra who also performs in an all-girl band. In preparation for the workshop, Sandra collaborated with musicians, producers and other creatives to make experimental African instruments from different types of trash.

During the workshop (held in English) as part of Age of Wonderland, an event which focuses on sustainable social change, Sandra will guide participants in making instruments from recycled materials. Participants of all ages are welcome to join, just remember to bring your own trash. Suggestions include hard plastic buckets, pipes and bottle caps, metal pots and cans, flexible panels, glass bottles, beads, buttons or whatever the would-be performer desires. Concluding the week will be a jam session where participants can showcase their instruments and performance skills in their own way in a public concert. The workshop highlights not only making and music, but resourcefulness, possibilities and co-creation. Any tips for the would-be DIY musicians? “When you have an idea, start by using what you have around you. We have what we need to start; giving excuses is not the answer. We don’t have to look very far to make things happen but simply need to utilise the so-called little that we have around us and the big things will come. I would love us to see trash as material for creation and treasure right in front of our eyes.” Let the trash music begin!

The DIY Intstruments workshops are part of the exhibition Age of Wonderland at
Natlab, Kastanjelaan 500, 5616 LJ Eindhoven

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