Margaret van Bekkum – Enlightened Design III at LDF 2018

Text by Viveka van de Vliet


Margaret van Bekkum


Felt designer Margaret van Bekkum took part in the exhibition Enlightened Design III during the London Design Festival 2018 in the Olympia Room together with Marc de Groot, Jacqueline Harberink, Alex Groot Jebbink, and Jesse Visser.

Two remarkable and attractive felt light objects adorn the space of the Victorian Olympia Room. For this space, Margaret van Bekkum created her largest work to date: Yellow is the title of the 5.25-meter-long, sunset yellow object of Merino wool with a rolling relief of felt pearls.

By presenting it as a light object, the design resembles a stream of glowing lava.For the other object, entitled Lace, the designer devised another traditional way of felting, which makes it look like fine-grained lacework. Like a fine cloth, it falls between the pillars, dividing the space into two sections.

Her wool comes from the so-called Heidschnuke, a German sheep breed characterized by dense and long hair growth. The white wool is spread out like a diaphanous net in a repetitive rhythm. This laborious process requires incredible patience, but ultimately results in a soft, transparent effect. The gossamer-thin structure of Lace comes to the fore in an atmospheric way, because the light shines out from the inside.


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