Enlightened Design during ELLE Festival 2014


Enlightened Design – 26-28 June 2014
Design is less and less about seducing consumers with beauty and functionality, and more and more often about the search for improvements to social and environmental issues. Designers are able to interconnect various disciplines allowing new insights.

The Enlightened Design exhibition shows a selection of methods and solutions that are exemplary for the way today’s designers work. Conventional production processes, means of communication, use of materials, and use of products and/or energy are examined from a new perspective and used to combat today’s problems.

The exhibition Enlightened Design is part of the ELLE Festival in the ’9 Streets’ and is being organized in collaboration with the DOEN Foundation, ELLE Decoration/Food/Fashion, and Friends of the Westerkerk. The exhibition is open every day from 10.00 to 18.00.

Exhibitors: Peggy de Bruin, Lilian van Daal, Willem van Doorn, Joy van Erven, Eline Groeneweg, Dave Hakkens, Laura Lynn Jansen, Quintus Kropholler, Isaac Monté, Mosa, Sandwichbikes, Thomas Vailly, Today Designers en Floris Wubben.

Supported by the DOEN Foundation
Organised by Connecting the Dots
Exhibtion design by Studio Haller Brun
Partners: ELLE, Friends of the Westerkerk, BNO, Bureau Deleau, Chef Martin, Haller Brun

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