Hans Heetman, Jaap Patijn. Image by Boudewijn Bollmann

Heetman | Patijn – a portrait

Hans Heetman, Jaap Patijn. Image by Boudewijn Bollmann

Text by Annemiek van Grondel
Photo by Boudewijn Bollmann

Heetman | Patijn want to humanize and ‘humourize’. This requires some explanation.

Hans Heetman (33) and Jaap Patijn (36) found each other as working buddies during their studies at Design Academy Eindhoven. They experimented with different departments, graduated, and teamed up about one and a half years ago.

Aim and claim: interior design with a twist. Their work has associative elements that evoke recognition; magic details that fit their style and put a smile on your face. “If you take that step, you are at risk of designing gimmicks”, they acknowledge. “If you are only in it to design a joke, you fail. The design must be derived from a good idea and stand on its own. But it can also surprise and bring a smile.”

Life’s a joke
The best advice they never received? “We love a joke. And we think it is important that you remain true to yourself. So our motto could be: Life is a joke. It should be fun. Do what you want!”

Hans Heetman and Jaap Patijn

Hans Heetman and Jaap Patijn

The newborn design duo has four notable projects to its name: Cosy (bulb on tripod), Lumi (‘folded’ green desk lamp), Johnny (tables with brightly coloured, round tops, three bent legs, knee connected by a triangle), and Tony (a strolling lamp with a white lampshade). Some have strikingly coloured metal cords and others have friendly, almost human legs, including knees.

Shy desk lamp
If an idea has an immediate wow factor, Heetman and Patijn know they are on the right track: “From there you plan and refine. Ultimately, it must have that distinctive and striking je ne sais quoi.”

An example: the design of Lumi originated from a sketch created by folding a piece of paper and later a plastic sheet, which is easy to deform by heating it, the duo explains. “A cross arose with a number of folds. In this, you could detect human traits. Facing downwards, the lamp looks away shyly.”


This interview was published in Connecting the Dots #8 for the Dutch Design Week 2013.
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